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Cambridge Educational Leadership

Nidal Abounajem
Pay AED 1155

Course Fee is 3,360 AED to be paid by installments

Course Description: 

The Cambridge International Certificate and Diploma in Educational Leadership enable leaders to: 

  • engage critically with relevant concepts, principles, theories, and best practices from around the world 
  • apply new ideas and approaches in reflective practice in their own teaching and learning context 
  • formatively evaluate experiences to plan further development 
  • transform the quality of teaching and school leadership to improve the outcomes of students.

Learning Outcomes:


The Cambridge International Certificate in Educational Leadership is for candidates with leadership roles in schools, or who are leaders in other parts of the educational system with direct responsibilities for teachers or leaders, and for aspiring leaders, who want to: 


• inform their understanding of educational leadership through an introductory study of contemporary international theories and research • research findings and insights about effective leadership practice from their own educational context and from international studies

• apply their leadership learning to their own leadership role and practice through critical reflection, mentoring and peer feedback

• identify their priorities for professional development and create a development plan to present to their own leadership or governing body

• develop foundational skills in academic study, professional reflection, collaborative enquiry and academic writing as a basis for further study.



Dr Nelius Jansen Van Vuuren

I have been involved in leadership development of more than 26 years. He has extensive local contextualized experience in supporting and developing school middle and senior leaders.



Nidal AbouNajm

I  have worked in education, teacher training, school development and improvement, ESL instruction, raising school standards, senior school management, and leadership for over twelve years. I am an enthusiastic educator, bilingual facilitator, school inspector, and coach passionate about school improvement, school leadership, student development, and enhancing the quality scope of learning within various educational settings.





Cambridge Certificate

Delivery Mode


Registration Opening     

 17th January 2024

Training Hours

 150 Training Hours


 Sharjah Education Academy & Cambridge University


Professional Development

Target Audience

Leaders, Middle leaders, Aspiring Leaders 

Maximum Participants





3,360 AED

Here is the course outline:

Installment Payment Links

Welcome to our convenient three-payment installment plan! With this flexible payment option, you can spread the remining payments evenly over three installments, each due every four weeks. The amount of each installment is AED 735, making it easier for individuals to manage their budget while enjoying the course. This online user-friendly installment plan ensures a hassle-free experience.

Unit 1 : Understanding key concepts and theories of leadership

-Explain their understanding of key concepts and theories of leadership activities. - Critically apply a new concept or theory of leadership to their own context. -Demonstrate an awareness of the contextual nature of leadership and the ways in which context affects leadership action. -Use a selection of the concepts and theories to reflect upon their own leadership role and context.

Unit 2: Defining successful educational leadership practice

-Articulate their new knowledge and understanding of theories, definitions and research findings about successful leadership internationally and apply it to their own context and leadership roles. -Evaluate key features and practices of successful leadership and the impact of these features, identifying the implications of what successful leaders do for their own leadership role. - Apply their understanding of successful leadership to a research interview with an experienced leader in their own local context. - Evaluate their own leadership in the light of what they have learned about specific leadership features and practices, and identify areas for development.

Unit 3: Action planning for developing leadership

- Articulate their knowledge and understanding of the strategies used by successful leaders at different levels and the skills required to implement them. -Apply their understanding of the features, strategies and skills of successful leadership to an analysis of their own role and identify key priorities for development. -Develop and present to different audiences an evaluation of their leadership role, including a strategy for development that focuses on selected practices of successful leadership -Evaluate the outcomes of the presentation to produce a short-term development plan for developing their role in order to improve specific outcomes in their area of leadership.

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